Ane Brun - How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow

Am 30. Oktober veröffentlichte Ane Brun das Album „After The Great Storm“, und am 27. November das nächste Album „How Beauty Holds The Hand Of Sorrow“.  Es sind die Alben acht und neun.

Mit anderen Worten: Das lange Warten hat sich doppelt gelohnt. Es gibt einen traurigen, aber wichtigen Grund für die lange Pause, die den beiden Plattenproduktionen vorausging. “Making an album always involved digging deep into myself,” so Ane Brun. “I deal with everything that happens in my life – relationships, changes, challenges – through writing music. But when my father passed away in 2016 I neither could, nor wanted to. It was a strange experience: I’m a very process-and-digest kind of person. I work on my issues, and I move forward. But, in the grief of losing a parent, it didn’t work. I couldn’t find the right tools in my toolbox, and there was no solution. My father was gone. It took me some time to understand that time itself was the key.”

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